Learning to Fly

Updated: Jul 14

Lockdown started as my business was only a tender 3 1/2 months old. My dream of running my own cafe/ coffee shop took a downturn at the start of March, with less and less customers eating out due to the fear of catching Covd19.

I sat dormant at home for a week or so, licking my wounds. I watched real suffering on tv and the human spirit fighting for survival. I decided to embark on another project, to write a book. For the next 6-8 weeks I wrote until my arms ached, living in a parallel universe as the pages took on flesh. 41,533 words later, and the first draft was complete. Maybe one day I will get around to editing and publishing it.

It was time to decide what to do with my business. I needed to adapt, change, learn to survive in a new world. One which keeps us apart, wary of all who pass us by.

My new business idea for the small shop space meant new equipment and display to source. Deja vu !! Less than 6 months ago I was rubbing down walls and painting, putting up pictures, preparing menus. Now I was taking down pictures to put up shelving, refreshing the paintwork, and filling shelves with kitchen equipment, glassware, baking essentials.

I need to learn how to fly in a world where my selling space is only 2.2 metres wide. I can only allow one person or family group in at a time. I need to sell online to a wider audience, stepping outside my comfort zone. I'm up for the challenge. Never to old to learn something new.


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